Basswood's dedicated Research & Development Department has a wealth of experience in the flashlight and portable LED lighting industry.

Our factory floors and manufacturing processes in the China and Thailand factory plants have been optimally designed and implemented according to the latest Japanese and international manufacturing standards. It is to ensure quality control excellence while achieving production efficiency and therefore the best delivery rates. The result is error-free high quality products in required specifications, reliable output deliverables in required time schedule and, as a result, satisfied customers.

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As a leading flashlight and portable led lighting manufacturer, BASSWOOD emphases on quality workmanship, cost competitive designs and customer services. Our constant pursuit of manufacturing excellence is supported by our first class manufacturing facility and evidenced by the prominent customer base which we retain. We work to ensure that all client projects run according to a stringent workflow process. Establishing an agreed working-arrangement led schedule and budget, as defined by our client partners happens at the beginning of all lighting projects.

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Basswood operates via an original equipment manufacturers (OEM) model, striving to provide absolute transparency where possible to encourage long term, mutually beneficial relationships with clients.

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In the original design manufacturing (ODM) model, our bespoke product design service means that clients can leverage award winning quality and industry best design support. Copyright and ownership belongs to clients.

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Our ultra slick experienced team of dedicated consultants, designers, engineers and project managers are here to realize your ideas into usable, industry leading products in any joint development manufacturing projects in portable led lighting.

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Flashlight design and lighting manufacturer process_Basswood
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